Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Progress and a Returning Favorite

Yesterday was lesson number 5 of swimming lessons and Andrew is doing so well! Lesson 4 was Monday, after 4 days with without lessons, and it was not pretty! Andrew cried every time I put him in the water. Yesterday he did so well! He was back to going in willingly and even going under! He is also super excited about going today and already has his swim trunks on! Kids are so funny about things!

I also want to say that we are all over the stomach virus.. FINALLY! It really lingered around for me. I have not felt like eating until yesterday. I hope not to have that ever again!

One of my all time summer favorites is Big Brother and it starts tonight!! I am so excited! I know it is tv trash, in some people’s opinions, but it is so entertaining! It is also one of the few shows that Nick and I watch together, so that is a plus! Also, Big Brother After Dark is airing on the TV Guide channel this year! It normally airs on Showtime and we do not have that channel. So excited!!

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Carrie said...

I can't wait!!!!