Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Ready for the Week

Well it is back to work for me tomorrow! We have a week of preplanning and then the kiddos will be back on the 5th. I have been working all summer in my room and I somehow still have so much to do! My actual room is good, but lesson plans are not!!

We spent the day getting things ready, so we can begin the old routine again! Nick cooked huge pots of spaghetti sauce and taco meat. He also grilled a ton of chicken on the grill to freeze. These will be so helpful to pull out and cook after a long day at work. We also cleaned the garage and cars. I have been wanting to make a little mudroom out of the little nook in our garage for awhile. I finally made it happen. I would love to have a built in bench with storage, but this will do for now!

We had such a hard time finding a place for the coats, book bags, hats, shoes, etc. in the house. Now it can all be dumped before coming in the house. I am in love!!

I also picked out and ironed all of my clothes for the week. I got Andrew and Abigail’s clothes picked out the week! It makes things so much smoother in the morning!

With all that, we still had time to play outside!

She is getting so big!

Andrew is so good with Abigail! I can’t believe he will start Pre-K in one week!!

I will be starting my 9th year as a teacher tomorrow! Where does the time go! I am so excited about my new adventure in kindergarten!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movie Time

This past Saturday, we took Andrew to see Monster’s University. We met up with his best bud Claire. They had such a great time!!

The sun was too bright!

We went to eat afterwards. They are such a mess! I am so glad Andrew has some really good friends to grow up with!

We then said good-bye to Claire and did some back to school shoe shopping. We settled with a black, gray, and neon green pair of Nikes. Apparently they make you go supper fast. That is what Andrew thinks!

This little boy was tuckered out!

Thanks mom for keeping Abigail!! I can’t wait till she is big enough!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Must Haves

I am really loving some products that I have tried recently and I thought I would share!


1. 3D Crest White Whitestrips Professional Effects- There are several different types of these strips and each cost different prices. This one is around $50 and you leave them on for 2o mins. I can tell a HUGE difference!! I have used the 5 min. kind before and could tell a light difference. This type is very impressive!!


2.) Plum Lily Swirl by Bath and Body Works $3 (sale)- I am love with this new smell!! It is very moisturizing!!


Colgate 360 Brush ($5 50 $6)- I love this spin brush! It really makes me feel like my teeth are cleaner!


4.) Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo (I don’t remember the price!)- I have talked about dry shampoo for awhile and I STILL love it! I have been a loyal Suave user, but I recently tried this brand. It doesn’t have the best smell, but it doesn’t linger. Suave can make my hair feel too powdery, but this doesn’t!


5) Equate Night-time Soothing Makeup Eraser (around $3)- I haven’t used makeup wipes in a long time. I wash my face in the shower and then I follow up with a wipe. It removes eye makeup really well!



6.) Olay Complete all day moisturizer with sunscreen SPF15 for oily to combination skin ($7)- The older I get the more I feel like I need moisturizer. This product does not make my oily throughout the day. I use it at night and under my makeup.


8.) Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation ($10)- This product is all the rave in the Youtube beauty world, so I had to try it. I am loving it!! It goes on like a moisturizer and stays put all day!


9.) Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess (0.11 oz travel size $10.99)- LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is my FAVORITE product!!! I also found this on YouTube beauty VLOGS. It is wonderful! I bought a small sample size because I was new to the brand. This very small travel size has lasted for going on 4 or 5 months and I still have a ton.


10.) Neon Nails- Salon Perfect in Flamingo Flair- I recently has a similar color for a pedicure and I found this one at Wal-mart. I LOVE it on my toes.



I hope others join in and show their favorite products for the summer!!

I recently purchased this black and white stripped shirt and had a hard time finding something to wear with it. I tried it with this pink skirt and jeans. I think the skirt option will be great for work! I opted for the jeans today!


Have a good Monday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Andrew’s Superhero Room

Well the room is clean enough to show! There are still some little accents that I would like to add, but for the most part it is finished. He is loving it!!


Bedding and pillows are all from Target. The POW picture is from Target. See a trend? The blowup Superman is from a Pre-4th vendor.


The vinyl decals were also from Target. They are the Avengers and Andrew placed everyone of them perfectly. The cork/dry erase board is for Andrew to hang some school work. We run out of room downstairs! He can also draw! We moved his many stuffed animals to the top.


We moved back in this TV (from when it was our Master bedroom). He has maybe watched it twice. I am sure it will be used in the future!


Curtains and bean bag are from, you guessed it, TARGET! The Batman and Robin metal sign is from a flea market.


This rug is from TARGET! One stop shopping!


I hope you enjoyed this little tour!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well it has been awhile since my last post. Honestly, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. I did turn the BIG 3-0 on the 10th. It was a low-key birthday and that is just what I wanted. I wanted to be with my little family and that is it! My two very best friends did come by to visit (with cake and a balloon!) and to let the kids play. They had a ball!

Andrew, Dylan, and Claire playing in the closet. They were “camping and working.”

That evening my sweet in-laws took us all out to dinner at a nice in town restaurant. It was so nice to go out for dinner during the week! I even got a brownie with a candle!

A few days later, Kim and I had a girl’s day! We got pedicures, had lunch, and did a little shopping!

I am loving my NEON orange/coral toes!

Abigail is now a full time walker. Walking is now her main means of moving! She is now even more into everything!!

My two loves still are so sweet to each other!

Abigail is a very active girl. To see her this still is a rare occasion. She is honestly the opposite of Andrew at this stage. He was so laid back, she is not! We absolutely adore her personality!

We actually made it to church this past Sunday! We go to a 10:00 service and that is Abigail’s first nap time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. We try our best!

This sweetie is growing up so much! He does things all the time that shows me he is getting so big! In just a few short weeks he will be starting Pre-K at the school that I work at! I am excited for him!

I still need to do a room reveal of his new super hero room, but then I would have to clean it. Hmm…maybe one day soon!

I have been sending the kids to daycare 2 days a week. I have worked in my classroom every one of those days. The work never ends! It is work that I enjoy, but it can be very overwhelming. I am in the lesson planning and getting ready for Meet the Teacher.

So this was way more random than I intended! LOL! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1st Dentist Appointment

Andrew and Abigail had their first dentist appointment yesterday. I have been putting off getting Andrew an appointment for quite sometime. I finally started looking around and came across a place not too far away that sounded very kid friendly.  As I looked on their website, they recommend seeing kids for their first appointment after they get 2 teeth or at the age of 12 months. What?! I had no idea! Well they both went and it was a great experience!

Before leaving

In the waiting room.

Thanks to Trish (my MIL) for coming along to help! The waiting room was full of Legos and Barbie's! We didn’t wait long until we got called back. The dental hygienist got Andrew comfortable with the equipment, chair, and even showed him a TV on the ceiling. Kids have it MADE these days!! She even gave him chocolate toothpaste! He did perfect!!

Abigail was next! I had her straddle me and lay her head in the hygienist lap. She polished all 4 1/2 teeth without a single tear! Abigail had birthday cake toothpaste! YUM!

Then the dentist (who was so funny!) came in a quickly checked their teeth. They both were perfect- no cavities!! Andrew got a slingshot and Abigail got a ball. Awesome experience! We will go back in January for another checkup!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Day


Sunday we had a day filled with family and it was so nice! We had lunch and Nick’s parents. YUMMO!

Andrew and Abigail always enjoy visiting, especially with Nana (Nick’s grandmother).


Photo: Andrew and Nana

We then headed home to let Abigail nap and then it was off to my parents! Andrew loves playing with all of his cousins!

Photo: The grand kids


They are all growing up WAY too fast! I hope everyone had a great Sunday! Andrew and Abigail are going to the dentist for the first time today. Wish me luck!