Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1st Dentist Appointment

Andrew and Abigail had their first dentist appointment yesterday. I have been putting off getting Andrew an appointment for quite sometime. I finally started looking around and came across a place not too far away that sounded very kid friendly.  As I looked on their website, they recommend seeing kids for their first appointment after they get 2 teeth or at the age of 12 months. What?! I had no idea! Well they both went and it was a great experience!

Before leaving

In the waiting room.

Thanks to Trish (my MIL) for coming along to help! The waiting room was full of Legos and Barbie's! We didn’t wait long until we got called back. The dental hygienist got Andrew comfortable with the equipment, chair, and even showed him a TV on the ceiling. Kids have it MADE these days!! She even gave him chocolate toothpaste! He did perfect!!

Abigail was next! I had her straddle me and lay her head in the hygienist lap. She polished all 4 1/2 teeth without a single tear! Abigail had birthday cake toothpaste! YUM!

Then the dentist (who was so funny!) came in a quickly checked their teeth. They both were perfect- no cavities!! Andrew got a slingshot and Abigail got a ball. Awesome experience! We will go back in January for another checkup!

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