Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Happy Independence Day everyone!! I hope that everyone that lives near me was able to enjoy the day with this awful rain! It has literally been raining nonstop ALL day. It is not looking like it is going to let up tomorrow!

We did manage to still celebrate the day by enjoying a get together at a friend of the families' house.

These are all pictures from my phone and the lighting is horrible! I really need to start using my camera again!

Before leaving


On the way…It was raining, big time! This is the good part of the road that we crossed. We also had to go in someone’s yard because of a huge tree that had fallen across the road.


Abigail has been talking so much lately! I feel like I need to document or I am going to forget some of these new words. Some new words are cow, moo, doggie, Woof Woof, yes (shakes her head yes in response to questions), pretty, etc. I am leaving something out! Anyway, she is really big into saying moo when you ask her what does a cow say. As we were pulling into the house, we approached many cows that were really close. She got SOOO excited and started mooing! It was so funny! I love seeing her new discoveries.



I only have pictures of Abigail because Andrew was busy playing outside and I was inside with Miss Priss.

She loved the corn on the cob, pickles, and bread. Oh yeah and homemade peach ice cream!

IMG_3570                IMG_3571

Here is my July 4th outfit! I so need to invest in some red pants! LOL!


Shirt- TJ Maxx

Capris- J Crew Outlet

Abigail’s outfit is from Target!

IMG_3553          IMG_3552

I thought I would take a picture with some of my red! The headband is from Belk’s several years ago.

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