Thursday, July 18, 2013

Andrew’s Superhero Room

Well the room is clean enough to show! There are still some little accents that I would like to add, but for the most part it is finished. He is loving it!!


Bedding and pillows are all from Target. The POW picture is from Target. See a trend? The blowup Superman is from a Pre-4th vendor.


The vinyl decals were also from Target. They are the Avengers and Andrew placed everyone of them perfectly. The cork/dry erase board is for Andrew to hang some school work. We run out of room downstairs! He can also draw! We moved his many stuffed animals to the top.


We moved back in this TV (from when it was our Master bedroom). He has maybe watched it twice. I am sure it will be used in the future!


Curtains and bean bag are from, you guessed it, TARGET! The Batman and Robin metal sign is from a flea market.


This rug is from TARGET! One stop shopping!


I hope you enjoyed this little tour!!

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