Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Ready for the Week

Well it is back to work for me tomorrow! We have a week of preplanning and then the kiddos will be back on the 5th. I have been working all summer in my room and I somehow still have so much to do! My actual room is good, but lesson plans are not!!

We spent the day getting things ready, so we can begin the old routine again! Nick cooked huge pots of spaghetti sauce and taco meat. He also grilled a ton of chicken on the grill to freeze. These will be so helpful to pull out and cook after a long day at work. We also cleaned the garage and cars. I have been wanting to make a little mudroom out of the little nook in our garage for awhile. I finally made it happen. I would love to have a built in bench with storage, but this will do for now!

We had such a hard time finding a place for the coats, book bags, hats, shoes, etc. in the house. Now it can all be dumped before coming in the house. I am in love!!

I also picked out and ironed all of my clothes for the week. I got Andrew and Abigail’s clothes picked out the week! It makes things so much smoother in the morning!

With all that, we still had time to play outside!

She is getting so big!

Andrew is so good with Abigail! I can’t believe he will start Pre-K in one week!!

I will be starting my 9th year as a teacher tomorrow! Where does the time go! I am so excited about my new adventure in kindergarten!

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