Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is going to be really random! I am still enjoying my summer with my babies! We have had so much fun playing the days away!


I totally foresee Abigail being the child that falls into the floor and starts kicking and screaming. Andrew went to the bathroom in the middle of them playing and she crawled to the door crying! She sat like this the entire time and was screaming!


Yesterday I had my yearly eye exam. I hate it!! It is so expensive! I got a year’s worth of contacts and new glasses. When I finished I headed to TJ Maxx ALL BY MYSELF! TJ Maxx has the best home stuff! I have been looking for a new lamp and small end table. I found both immediately!!

I bought this blue lamp (in LOVE!) and the white lantern thingy. It was only $9! It had a small crack in the glass, but it is not visible. I forgot to take a picture of the end table. I will include it in the next post.


I went to a flea market with my parents a few weekends ago and scored this blue Bell jar! Love it!!


I have recently lost around 13 lbs and counting! I have tracked my calorie intake and try to stay around 1200 a day. I am not a big salad fan, but it is so low in calories. This salad has organic spring mix, cucumber, carrot, Laughing Cow Swiss cheese, grilled salmon, fat free Italian dressing, and a hard boiled egg! I calculate everything and it was right at 320 calories. If you take out the salmon you would be around 250. It is a ton of salad!


I am also going to try to start back taking pictures of what I am wearing. I think it is  great motivation to create great outfits. I LOVE looking on Pinterest at everyone’s creations!

This is by no means an outfit that I put a lot of thought into! I am home all day and it is rainy. I am thinking comfort!


Sweater- TJ Maxx

Pink Tank- Old Navy

Jeans- Old Navy

I hope some other folks join in!!

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