Monday, July 1, 2013


The small town that we live in is known for a wonderful pre-4th EXTRAVAGANA!!! It was a huge part of my life growing up and I have always wanted to continue that tradition. Last year, Abigail was brand new and it was WAY hotter. This year we did manage to make it to the festivities on the square.

On the way!


Andrew got a blow up Superman! We thought it would be perfect for his new super hero themed room! I am still waiting for a few pieces to come in the mail. It is really coming together!


Andrew loved all of the inflatables!


They had a little train that rode around the square. Abigail does not looked too thrilled, but she loved it once we started moving!


They have a great display of fireworks at night, but Miss Priss can not handle missing her 7:30 bedtime. Maybe next year!

Sunday we headed to Anderson. We needed to buy many food items at Sam’s! We stock up on meat and other things about once a month. Of course we also went to Target! I have been wanting a BIG rug for the living room for quite some time. I could never find the PERFECT one. Well I decided that enough was enough. The rug is not forever, so I picked one. It is so nice and soft to sit on while playing with the kiddos. That nice hardwood floor is HARD!

I didn’t take any great pictures of it, but these two. Duncan enjoying the rug and daddy and Abigail tickle time! It is colorful and soft. Just what I wanted!


Have a great Monday!

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J said...

glad to know I'm not the only one who misses events due to a strict bedtime. ;-) Ah, motherhood.

Cute pics!