Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

My favorite season has ALWAYS been fall! I don’t think I am alone in this! What is not to love? I started the season by making a wreath today. It is not hung on the door, but it will soon. Watching the GA game in priority one for the hubby. Smile It turned out really cute!

This is the beginning….


Final product! Again it is hard to see laying on the counter. I will take an after after picture when it is hanging.



I am going to back up to last Sunday…We met my side of the family at the lake, cooked out, played on the playground, and got DIRTY! Seriously! Andrew and Abigail were covered in dirt by the time we left. That always means they had a good time!

I only got pictures of Abigail because Andrew was too busy for the camera! This is Abigail with my sister Christy and her with a cup of rocks.



During the week we managed to get out and play!


He is getting so big!!


Miss Priss loves the dirt and rocks!


Chili is on the stove and football is on TV. It must be FALL!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Wow! I guess I am not too good at this whole blogging thing lately! I think about doing it often and then something else takes priority! Having 2 kids is NOTHING like have one. Just saying! Anyway, we have been very busy with work and trying to squeeze in some fun. Andrew and Abigail are growing like crazy!

Andrew is loving Pre-K and learning so much! He has many friends. Honestly, at that age that they all love each other. My mom visited for lunch on grandparents day.  This week they have a scrapbook day and visiting the local Fire Dept.! I hate that I will miss it, but I am sure I will hear lots of stories.

Abigail has unfortunately been sick and VERY ill! She has horrible allergies and it has gotten the best of her.  We now have antibiotics and she is back to her smiling self!  She is really into blocks and purses right now.  She loves building and loading her purse up! She talking more and more! She can also understand so much of what we tell her.  That makes life so much easier. She is very attached to me and will cry if I leave the room. No joke!  However, she does not cry when I drop her off at daycare. She LOVES it there and literally jumps into their arms.

I have been in kindergarten heaven! I really love it! It is challenging, FUN, and I get about 100 hugs a day! Could it get any better! I am loving the curriculum. There are so many fun things that I can bring in with what we are learning.

In 2 weeks we are headed to the mountains with my parents. We are staying in a cabin and I am just so excited!!  Today we are cooking out with my side of the family. The weather is getting more fall like and life couldn’t be better!