Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Day

We received a phone call from Nick's mom this morning and she wanted to meet us for lunch. Sounded perfect! We met at Andrew’s #1 choice, McDonalds!  He really just loves the playground!

They both had a blast and Abigail could even slide on the small slide! She climbed up and slid down dozens of times!

We then walked around our town square to look at the scarecrows! In October, our small town businesses design scarecrows and compete in a contest. They are all so creative and this is just a few!


I was part of the OFFICIAL Scarecrow Committee at the school were I teach! It was so fun to work with some wonderful ladies. We decided on Old McDonald! All the animals are made mainly of different types of cans. I helped make the cute little pigs!


It was a great end to my Fall Break!

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