Thursday, October 3, 2013

Piegon Forge 2013

We just got back from a great Fall vacation in Piegon Forge!  This year my parents came with us and we stayed in a wonderful cabin! I hate that I didn’t take any pictures of the inside. It really was a very nice cabin and even had a home theater! This post will be mainly pictures and little writing! LOL!

The one and only picture I took of the cabin!

Let me back up…This is when we left. Andrew is totally photo bombing!

We made a quick pit stop in Cherokee to eat lunch. We walked down to the river.


We arrived at the cabin and headed out to eat at The Apple Barn. It was so good!

The next day we walked around the different shops at The Old Mill.

The next day we went to Dolly Wood! It was not busy at all! Andrew rode everything that he was able to ride. He really wanted to ride some bigger ones, but he couldn’t because of his height. Poor thing!

Me and Abigail on the train. She loved it!

Andrew was a good big brother and rode the little rides with her.

We had some outdoor playtime at the cabin.

We had dinner and shopped in between. No pictures! Sorry!

We went to a local go-cart park. Andrew rode with daddy and didn’t like it! We were really surprised. Nick said the track was made of wood and really bumpy. He did enjoy all of the small rides that were around the place.

We had a quick lunch at Chic-Fi-La . I had to share Abigail’s cute shirt!

The last day we headed back to Dolly Wood. Andrew rode everything he could several more times. He loved every moment!

We stopped at Gatlinburg for a quick lunch before heading back. It was so fun! Abigail was very fussy all the way back, so we were glad to arrive home!


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