Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pink Eye and a Fall Festival

They totally go together, right? Luckily they did not happen at the same time! I guess I will start with the pink eye. In the middle of a work day, I kept feeling like something was in my eye.  I looked in a mirror and nothing.  As the day progressed, my eye got redder and redder. I was thinking it was my contacts. When I was leaving, my right eye was almost swollen shut. HORRIBLE! It hurt so bad! I basically laid with a cold wash cloth the rest of the evening.  Needless to say, I didn’t go to work the next day. I was in a lot of pain! I went to the doctor and they confirmed it was indeed pink eye. I got strong eye drops and basically laid around for 2 days.  IMG_4697IMG_4698

These are some random pictures since my last post.

I am loving bright and colorful polish lately!


Saturday was our school Fall Festival! I ran my station for the first two hours and then these cuties joined me! This is us on the hay ride! I love our school being out in the country!

Abigail was happy, but just not in this picture!


We spent the evening playing while daddy did some hunting. It is actually beginning to look and feel a lot like fall around here.


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