Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 on Friday

Yes technically it is Sunday, but I figured I would dive into this anyway! I love all the wonderful ladies that post on 5 on Friday!! This is my first time posting!

{first} I am BEYOND excited about the new Hunger Games movie coming out!! I need some girls to join me???

{second} Nick and I (maybe I made him) have decided to start eating clean.  I have researched clean eating for months now and have been so scared to try. That sounds so crazy! If you are not familiar, it is basically getting rid of all the crap that is in packaged and processed food. You try to avoid bread and dairy also.  You try to focus on organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and whole grains.  Of course I cannot have my fave diet coke, but I really don’t need to drink it.  We officially started yesterday and so far so good! I am excited to share some recipes and food related things on this blog. 

{third} School is in full holiday mode! We have recently celebrated Columbus day, Halloween, Veteran’s day tomorrow, and then off to Thanksgiving.  This does give me a lot of material for my TPT store.  It is doing so well and still cannot believe it!!

{fourth}  I am really wanting a new watch and I am in love with this Michael Kors

{fifth} I am ready for Thanksgiving break! I am ready to spend the day just being a mom. Enough said!

Have a great week!

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