Monday, December 30, 2013

New Hallway Décor and Vitamin D

Hello everyone!! Today I am going to share a new furniture arrangement I made to a small hallway.

Previously this little spaced housed a chair and shelf.  It was nice, but lacked something.

DSC01661-1(rev 1)

Later, I added a small desk (no picture).  However, I always envisioned something I could use to store linens/blankets and maybe even a few toys.  I didn’t want to buy anything, so the idea just haunted me.

The other day, I was cleaning out Andrew’s chest of drawers.  I realized that after getting rid of some clothes and organizing, Andrew didn’t need it anymore.  He has a very spacious closet and another dresser in his room.  My wheels started spinning!! 

I convinced the hubby that we needed it downstairs pronto!  I LOVE it in this space. I love it even more because I didn’t have to buy anything new. SCORE! I want to change the knobs and maybe even paint it one day, but for now this will do.

DSC02643         DSC02646

I have even filled one drawer!

DSC02647 - Copy

Today we had to get outside for some much needed Vitamin D! It has been cold and rainy, so the kids were ready!

Abigail got this cute pink tricycle from my parents. She loves it!


She is getting so big! She can now climb to the top of the play set and slide down!



Andrew is loving his trampoline!!


He also got a baseball T and he is doing so well.  We hope to start him in T ball this spring.


This little needs to slow down growing!!


We had a great time in the cold!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hall Closet Update

I hope everyone is staying warm.  It is super cold outside and rainy.  I thought I would share a little project that the hubby did on a hall closet.  This closet is located upstairs near the playroom/family room and home office.  It is small and use to hold a single hanging rod.  This was not functional for our needs, so it had to go! We needed to use the closet for toy, games, video games, puzzles, etc.  So, we needed LOTS of shelves.  We also wanted them to be adjustable.  We bought a pantry Rubbermaid shelving kit.  It turned out perfect!
DSC02636     DSC02637 - Copy

The lighting us horrible, but it looks much better in person.  I hope to organize it a little better, but look at all the storage that we are not even using yet!! This makes me so happy!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Home office Update #1

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going great! The hubby and I are enjoying our week off together.  I put him hard to work on many house projects that have needed attention for quite awhile. 

I am linking up with Classy Clutter for their Spotlight Saturday Linky Party.  Their blog is super cute!!

We now have ALL of the Christmas décor packed away.  I LOVE Christmas, but I don’t like clutter and disorder.  I am loving my clean house!

I have wanted to update my home office/craft room for quite some time.  I just never knew where to start.  I finally decided to use some Christmas money and but some new shelving, light, and acrylic.

This office/craft room use to be our kitchen before we added an entire new first floor to our home.  The old fluorescent light went out and was never replaced.  We finally have a NEW light! YAY!

Miss Abbey was a lot of help during this part!


This is in the midst of chaos! LOL! Nick was working on several projects at the time.  Notice the two new white shelves?  Those are new purchases and I LOVE them!! They are Allen and Roth from Lowes.  They are already finished and include the brackets for only $20. SCORE!

DSC02639 - CopyDSC02640




My computer is where the stove used to be, so we added a top awhile back.  I have really wanted to added acrylic top for so long.  I think it looks so good! I threw some scrap fabric and photos under it, but this is not the final look. 




Then we cleaned and cleaned.  My sewing machine is currently on a folding table.  It is not ideal, but will do for now.




I would still love to…

- Have a more permanent area for sewing

-A new rug

-New Lighting over the bar

- New artwork above the sewing machine

One step at a time!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fabric Covered Canvas

I am joining Link Party Palooza for a quick and cute project.

link party palooza banner

I love working on quick crafty projects! In the chaos of Christmas, I found a quite moment to be crafty.  It makes me happy!

Nick and I are working on some changes to my office/craft room area and I needed to add some unique decorative touches.  I also already had everything on hand that I needed. SCORE!


I had an old canvas picture that was not being used (and would never be used again!), some scrap fabric, wooden letter, white paint, and a sponge brush. 


First, I painted the letter.  It took many coats of paint.


While the paint was drying, I ironed the fabric.  I then cut the fabric and left a few inches around the edges.


Like my new laser scissors I got for Christmas?? They actually are really neat to use!


I then simply hot glued the edges around and glued the letter to the front.  Stapling would hold up better, but I didn’t want to walk downstairs and into the garage. LAZY!


I LOVE the colors! I have the perfect spot. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Christmas Post of 2013

Christmas has wrapped up for us and I am so sad to see it go! Last night we celebrated with Nick’s parents.  I didn’t get many pictures.  Andrew and Abigail were both tired and cranky.  That is just the way kids are sometimes.

Andrew would not take off his camo overalls and boots for nothing. Can you blame him? They are pretty cool!


Miss Abbey was all decked out in her Christmas attire! So stinking cute!


Abigail indulged in homemade Chex mix and milk.


I am in love with my new and comfy flats!


Now that Christmas is over, I am so ready to get my house back in order! The hubby and I have some organization projects that are in the works. I am so excited!!

Today we have spent the morning playing with all the kiddos goodies. Abigail has been cooking up a storm, being artsy, and playing with her new American Doll Bitty baby.



She of course is super silly!



We headed to our local Home Depot and were sadly disappointed in the organization options.  We are often to a bigger Lowes for our future projects.


Andrew enjoyed jumping on his new trampoline in the FREEZING cold.




Have a great day!