Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! We are having a great day so far!

Last night we decorated sugar cookies for Santa. Yummy!

IMG_5286      IMG_5287



Then Santa came by and dropped off loads of presents.

IMG_5289  IMG_5290

Andrew ran into our bedroom around 5:30am to tell us Santa had come! I told him we had to wait on Abigail.  Luckily Andrew was okay with that! He watched TV until Miss Abbey decided to awaken around 7:00am.  Then the opening of presents began!! 

Andrew was so excited and LOVED his easel, boots, overalls, sports balls, books, and games! Abigail is over the moon for her new kitchen! She also got baby doll accessories, baby doll bed, and lots of stocking stuffers.

IMG_5291IMG_5293IMG_5294IMG_5297IMG_5300    IMG_5301IMG_5303    IMG_5306IMG_5307  IMG_5308IMG_5310   IMG_5312

We then headed in the kitchen to see if Santa enjoyed his cookies.  He left a note!!


On the TOP of Andrew’s wish list was a trampoline and look what was waiting outside!! Daddy worked so hard putting it together and hiding it for weeks. 


Jayden the elf's last visit was today and he was looking at the trampoline.  Bye bye little elf! I will not miss trying to be creative every morning! LOL!


Have a safe a wonderful Christmas!!

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