Monday, December 30, 2013

New Hallway Décor and Vitamin D

Hello everyone!! Today I am going to share a new furniture arrangement I made to a small hallway.

Previously this little spaced housed a chair and shelf.  It was nice, but lacked something.

DSC01661-1(rev 1)

Later, I added a small desk (no picture).  However, I always envisioned something I could use to store linens/blankets and maybe even a few toys.  I didn’t want to buy anything, so the idea just haunted me.

The other day, I was cleaning out Andrew’s chest of drawers.  I realized that after getting rid of some clothes and organizing, Andrew didn’t need it anymore.  He has a very spacious closet and another dresser in his room.  My wheels started spinning!! 

I convinced the hubby that we needed it downstairs pronto!  I LOVE it in this space. I love it even more because I didn’t have to buy anything new. SCORE! I want to change the knobs and maybe even paint it one day, but for now this will do.

DSC02643         DSC02646

I have even filled one drawer!

DSC02647 - Copy

Today we had to get outside for some much needed Vitamin D! It has been cold and rainy, so the kids were ready!

Abigail got this cute pink tricycle from my parents. She loves it!


She is getting so big! She can now climb to the top of the play set and slide down!



Andrew is loving his trampoline!!


He also got a baseball T and he is doing so well.  We hope to start him in T ball this spring.


This little needs to slow down growing!!


We had a great time in the cold!



Amanda said...

Your kids are just too cute, Robyn! They are growing up too quickly, though!!

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year--wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks Amanda!! I hope you have a great 2014!!