Sunday, January 12, 2014

20 Minute Challenge- bathroom Cabinet

I am still in the organize and simplify my life mode! I really hope this is the year that I get rid of the unnecessary clutter.

clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - it's anything that stands between you the life you want to be living - Peter Walsh

The other day I gave myself a 20 minute challenge to organize and clean out an area that I have neglected for far too long.  It is much easier to justify organizing an area that we see daily, but what about that closet you never go into?  Well I set my timer to 20 mins, and got to work!

This is a storage cabinet that is inside of Andrew and Abigail’s bathroom.  It holds toiletries, cleaning supplies for upstairs, beach towels, table cloths, linens, d├ęcor items, humidifiers, etc.  It was a MESS!

Evidence!  I had a little helper…so this could have been done in 15 mins. LOL!


I pulled out tons of old lotions, sprays, and beauty items.  They were so old that they didn’t even smell good anymore. WHY was I holding on to them? I also got ride of a pile of table cloths, place mats, and towels that were no longer my style. 



I am making a point to use up the TONS of lotions, shampoos and soaps that I got at baby showers.  I tend to buy things when we obviously do not need them.

I didn’t do anything to fancy.  We hope to add a bathroom cabinets into their bathroom this year.  This will be move and used in a new space.  Right now it holds things we actually use! Genius!


I took this pile of stuff downstairs because it was just in the wrong place.


So, did I make it in time? YES! I went through every item and put everything back into place right at 20 mins!  I never wanted to bother with this space because I thought it would take forever. I was wrong!


So I encourage you to find a space, give yourself a certain amount of time, and do it!

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