Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beauty Product Storage


I am back with one of my favorite new topics- ALL things beauty!  Today I am going to share how I attempt to keep all of the beauty products neat and tidy!

I recently cleaned everything out and threw away a bag of things.  Yay for simplifying!

As you can tell, I am still left with a great deal of products.  Honestly, I use all of them!  Obviously not all on the same day! LOL!  The first area is under my sink.  This area still needs a lot of help.  It is in neat rows, but I need to figure out something.  Any suggestions?

On the left are lotions, self tanning products, and sunscreen. Behind that is makeup bags and travel items.  The middle is feminine products and a few medicine items.  Then I have my hair products and brushes.  The back basket is full of travel size items, soap, extra deodorant, etc.  I also keep my toothbrush in here so it is free from the toilet flushing germs! LOL!


I have three drawers that store the rest of my items.  I did not photograph the first because it is pretty boring.  I just contains contacts, glasses, face cleansers, etc.

On to the makeup!  Like I said before, I use all drugstore products! The baskets seem to work the best for me because I can easily pull them out if I need to.  The two green baskets are from Dollar Tree. All of the blue baskets are from Target.  The white basket is super old, so I am not really sure.


This basket contains my foundations and powders.  I currently use the Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation

(LOVE!) and Rimmel Stay Matte powder (AMAZING!).  I also use the Milani Brow Fix kit!


This basket contains all of my eye shadow.  I am currently going between my Naked 2 palate and the NYX trio that you see below.


This little basket contains all of my concealers.  I am using the Maybelline Age Rewind and love it!


These is lipsticks obviously.  Most of my lipsticks are in my purse.  I am not too excited about any of these.  The left basket contains my lip glosses.


Below are my eye pencils, liner, and mascara.  I am currently using Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion.  It is just okay.


These are my blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.  I am LOVING the Maybelline Master Highlighter (the one that looks mosaic).  It is amazing!


This little basket contains moisturizers, primers, and a setting spray.


The last drawer holds my hair tools and nail polish.  I LOVE nail polish…if you can’t tell!  They are sorted by colors and one basket holds remover, clippers, filers, etc.  Essie and Covergirl are my favorite brands at the moment.

DSC02838     DSC02839

I love having everything in it’s place.  It makes it so much easier to use and I tend to use a variety of products because I can see all of them easily.  I hope you enjoyed this little makeup tour!

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Lauren Scorzafava said...

I love having all my stuff organized too!

Lauren Elizabeth
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