Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House cleaning schedule

I know I am not alone when it comes to wanting to simplify my life for the new year.  I have made cleaning schedules for my family in the past and they have worked somewhat.  When we did use them, it was wonderful.  We no longer spent our weekends cleaning and doing laundry.  It was so nice!

In the new year, I hope to make a stick to a cleaning schedule!! I have completed one step in the process! I have made a cleaning schedule and I really hope to stick to it this year.  Click the picture below if you would like to have the printable.  I am going to print and put it in a cute frame.  Then check off as I complete the task.  Very motivational!!

Cleaning Schedule

What is something you do daily to keep your house clean?

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Amanda said...

This seems like a very doable chore chart; I like it! I really like that you chose one "big" chore to complete each day...that is such a great idea instead of saving them all for the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration--maybe I can follow through with getting my own family chores in order this year!!