Monday, January 13, 2014

Menu Planning monday

Today I am joining Organizing Junkie’s Menu Planning Monday!  This week we tried to clean out the pantry…and fridge…and freezer.  I love doing this because it usually means we spend way less at the grocery store!

Excuse the chicken scratch! My hubby wrote the menu this week!


Saturday: We had Chili (made a huge batch in the fall) and baked potatoes

Sunday: Chicken (enough for two meals), Mac- N-Cheese, and Collards (leftover and froze from New Year’s)

Monday: Dirty Rice (in the box) and black eye peas (leftover and froze from New Year’s)

Tuesday: Leftover Chicken from Sunday, potatoes (cut into wedges, s&p, EVOO), and Grilling Beans

Wednesday: BBQ Pizza (BBQ was cooked and froze during the summer)

Thursday: Leftover- probably leftover pizza or Dirty Rice

Friday: Eat Out

Happy Menu Planning!


Amanda said...

What in the world are grilling beans?? I've never heard of that! What's your trick with BBQ pizza? I've never tried to make it, but it sounds like something that would go over really well for dinner at my house.

Robyn Beele said...

LOL! The beans are in a can from Busch's. They are awesome!

We buy a premade crust and top it with pork BBQ. We use BBQ sauce for the sauce. Put some cheese on top and it is tasty!