Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Bedding

I have been looking for new bedding for years! I liked the one we had, but it was a duvet cover and was BEYOND annoying.  The inside would slide around and get bunched up at the bottom.  It made me mad on a daily basis!

This is what is looked like before.  Again, I LOVED the fabric! 


The walls are a very light blue, so I wanted something with a bold and colorful pattern.  Also it of course had to be soft and cozy.  I recently went into TJ Maxx (favorite store for home décor) and finally found it!


I LOVE the paisley pattern and all of the colors!  It still has the blue!


It came with the comforter, two shams, 2 small pillows, and neck pillow for $79.99.




I am so glad I do not have fuss with the covers when I make the bed every morning!  YAY!


Kim said...

I am already dreading the process of looking for new bedding; I purchased a duvet cover a couple of years ago and have hated it ever since. I'll have to try TJ Maxx!

Amanda said...

Oh wow! That is beautiful--I love it!! It really gives your room a whole new look. I think I need to go visit TJ Maxx soon! :-)

I really like the pattern on your old duvet cover, too, but I couldn't agree more about those things being SUCH a pain!