Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zone 2 Day 2 & 3 Cleaning and Deck progress


Hello everyone!  Is it Friday yet? I mean really!  I am so tired!  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Day 2 of Zone 2 focuses on cleaning out our 2 junk drawers.  Do we really need 2? Yes we really do!

The first drawer is full of miscellaneous things (pens, paper, menus, batteries, stamps, etc) and the second is Abigail’s bibs and coloring books/crayons.  These drawers seem to never stay organized! I clean them out all the time.



After- this took about 5 mins.  It is not perfect, but it is better!


Day 3 (today) was cleaning out the fridge.  I actually did this last week, so it was pretty simple.  I just threw away a few things and wiped the shelves down.

I also wanted to show the progress for our new deck. My husband and father-in-law have worked for 4 days so far.  It is slow moving, but I am getting excited!




Nick had an unexpected day off work, so him and his dad worked some more.


I ready to sip sweet tea and relax! Summer here I come!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Zone 2 Day 1 & Getting out the door

Hey everyone! I am going to continue with writing about my new Zone cleaning schedule.  You can see my first post here.  This week is all about the Kitchen!  Our Kitchen is the hub of our home.  It is where we gather and so do all of our things.  We love to cook and our Kitchen gets dirty quickly!

My Kitchen


I love looking at other people’s homes.  I love getting ideas of how to decorate or organize my own home.  This is  one of the more dirty areas of our home.  Day 1 of Zone 2 (The Kitchen) involves wiping down the cabinets, bar stools, and all glass surfaces.  I have to admit that I really wanted to skip today.  It was back to work after Spring Break and the kids and I both were extremely tired.  I decided to suck it up and get it done quickly!


I cleaned each cabinets, island, and barstools with my All Purpose cleaner. As I prepared lunches for the next, my sweet husband cleaned the upper glass cabinets and French door windows.




I also want to follow up on yesterday’s post about how I get out the door in the mornings.  It is not easy!  Getting school lunches prepared the night before are a big help.  I fix all of our lunches each night after supper.

Andrew’s lunch


Our lunches in the fridge.


I also put Andrew’s book bag, my work bag/purse, and Abigail’s daycare items in the car.  I simply carry out the lunch bags and insert.


On Sunday evenings, I fill up my weekly calendar with all of my cleaning to-do list, blog schedule, and anything I need to do for work.  Every evening I check things off and add things when needed.


I would love to hear how everyone else is getting it all done! Share in the comments!


Most importantly to mention,  I do all of this, so I can have more time with these cuties!IMG_6155

I also want to give a BIG Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad! He is truly the best dad I could ever ask for! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting Ready for School

Happy Sunday everyone!  This is always my favorite day of the week!  Nick is continuing to work hard on our new deck.  I am doing my usual Sunday chores.  I spend about 45 mins.  every Sunday picking out Andrew, Abigail, and my own clothes for the week.  This is such a HUGE help in the mornings! I get up at 5am, Nick leaves at 5:30am, and the kids wake up at 6am.  So I am alone getting them ready.  We are out the door by 6:50. To get breakfast, put on clothes, teeth brushed, hair fixed, and all the other little things that have to be done, we have to move quickly. 

This is Abigail’s clothes for the week.  I also lay out socks and hair bows (not shown).

Abi clothes

This is Andrew’s clothes.

Andrews clothes

They have these hanging organizers in their closet to help with organization.IMG_6170   

I put my clothes in my closet in the order I am going to wear them. I also include the jewelry that I will wear with it.










Friday is a very casual day.  I just wear jeans and my school shirt. 

I would to hear how others deal with their mornings.  I has been so nice to not have to look at a clock last week! However, the countdown is on for Summer Break!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Under the sink organization

I am completely done with Zone 1 cleaning! It was really easy and now the room is good to go for 7 more weeks.  Of course I still do normal cleaning- dust, pick up, vacuum, mop, etc. However, all of the deep cleaning is done!

Next week will be Zone 2 Kitchen.  This be a little more involved, but not too bad. Today I wanted to share a little organizing that I did under our Kitchen sink.  I purchased a little shelf to help with this space.  It is the Target brand is was just a few bucks.


This is the before.  We keep my Kitchen Aid Mixer, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, and extra soaps.  I took out the fryer that is in the middle.  We never used it and it was old.  Toss!




This is the after! I moved my extra soaps to an empty container and the trash bags are under the shelf.  You can actually roll them out without taking them out of the cabinet.  I cleaned the shelf also.


I bought this towel holder, that hangs on a door, from TJ Maxx.  It was around $6.  I hate seeing a towel laying around the Kitchen.  This keeps it nice and tucked away.

We have been really enjoying just hanging around the house on our Spring Break.  I am going to be so sad  when Monday rolls around.  We have spent each evening playing outside and the weather is perfect!


Today I cleaned the Kitchen for my daily cleaning.  I spent a little extra time and cleaned out the fridge.  This is the before and I forgot to take an after.  It looks very empty now!


Look who wanted to sit on the potty!  She is interested, but she is not actually using the bathroom.  I plan on starting this summer.


Well I am off to enjoy this Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Homemade Cleaners

I am super excited to share some homemade cleaners that I made this week.  I have wanted to make these for years, but was overwhelmed.  I honestly was a little afraid that I would spend the time (and money) and be disappointed by the results.  I finally broke down and did some research.  I found 3 recipes for cleaners that I made with what I already had at home.  I will try more later and share!

All Purpose Cleaner- daily cleaning


This is my FAVORITE cleaner so far!  It smells so good and it contains nothing harmful!

I filled the spray bottle 3/4 of the way full with warm water.  I then added a about half a cup of dish soap.  I have read that Ivory soap leaves less residue, but I have had none with Dawn. Shake well!

Disinfecting Spray- cleaning things with lots of germs or really dirty grim.  This has a alcohol smell, but it does not linger. 


1 part rubbing alcohol to one part water.  This bottle had to be changed because it did not have the straw part in it.  My luck!

Bathroom Cleaner- for the bathroom.  I sprinkle baking soda in the toilet/shower floor and let it sit for a few minutes.  I then spray the bathroom cleaner and it works wonderfully!


1 part dish soap to one part white vinegar.  This does not give off much of a smell.


Here they are!  The bottles were $1 at Target and I just wrote on them with a permanent marker.  I am loving them!! I plan on making dusting polish, stainless steel cleaner, and glass cleaner.  Then I can throw all my other cleaners away!

Zone 1 Cleaning Day 4

I hope everyone is enjoying my zone cleaning! I have to say that this my be life changing!  My house has never been so clean.  I know this will be MUCH harder when I go back to work next week, but I am determined to keep it up.  Everything in my house will be cleaned and all the laundry will be done by Friday.  I will have the entire weekend to help Nick in the yard and spend some quality family time!  I have always ran around like crazy trying to get EVERYTHING done on Saturdays and Sundays.  It is just insane!

Moving on to day 4 in zone 1 (Living Room). Today is centered around the entry way.  I didn’t put this space as a separate zone because it is tiny.  Don’t let the size fool you!  It can get VERY dirty.  It is the entry way off the front door and garage.  It gets ton of foot traffic.  This was also my day to clean the floors (Daily cleaning for Thursdays), so I vacuumed and mopped the area really well first. 

Here is a look at our tiny entry.  There is normally a rug on the tile, but I moved it outdoors for cleaning purposes.  It is hard to tell, but every inch of baseboards, trim, and moldings were covered in dirt.  I used my all- purpose cleaner (see recipe on next post) and a magic eraser to wipe it all away! I also scrubbed the tile with a little brush. 


This is right next to the door and the was was covered in dirty handprints.  I HATE our wall color.  It literally shows every speck of dirt and grim.  I sprayed some cleaner on the wall and erased away (most) of the dirt. I also cleaned the light switches and doors.

I also went ahead and cleaned behind this table.  It was really gross! This is a table that Andrew eats all of his meals and Abigail eats most snacks here.


I am posting right after this to share my homemade cleaners!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zone 1 Day 2 and 3

Today I am going to talk about day 2 and 3 of my Zone 1 cleaning.  See this post for the intro. Zone one is the Living Room. On day 2 (yesterday), I focused on cleaning the fireplace surround, granite, and mantel.  I also cleaned the baseboards and windows.  This was a very fast and simple day.  It might have taken 10 minutes.

Day 3 of Zone 1 is designated for cleaning under the couch and cushions.  This is an area that we most definitely have neglected in the past.  Out of sight, out of mind.  I know I am not alone here!  I also vacuumed the whole room since the vacuum was already out.  See how smart I am! lol!

Miss Abbey enjoyed playing with the cushions and getting ready for her nap.


And….look what I found under the couch! Really??


I haven’t mentioned that I have my daily chores on top of the zone cleaning.  I will do a separate post, but basically below is what I do.


I also throw in a load of something with the bedding.  Tomorrow I am going to post about some homemade cleaning products I made!!

This is how I might yesterday evening.  We are having the BEST weather!!