Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting Ready for School

Happy Sunday everyone!  This is always my favorite day of the week!  Nick is continuing to work hard on our new deck.  I am doing my usual Sunday chores.  I spend about 45 mins.  every Sunday picking out Andrew, Abigail, and my own clothes for the week.  This is such a HUGE help in the mornings! I get up at 5am, Nick leaves at 5:30am, and the kids wake up at 6am.  So I am alone getting them ready.  We are out the door by 6:50. To get breakfast, put on clothes, teeth brushed, hair fixed, and all the other little things that have to be done, we have to move quickly. 

This is Abigail’s clothes for the week.  I also lay out socks and hair bows (not shown).

Abi clothes

This is Andrew’s clothes.

Andrews clothes

They have these hanging organizers in their closet to help with organization.IMG_6170   

I put my clothes in my closet in the order I am going to wear them. I also include the jewelry that I will wear with it.










Friday is a very casual day.  I just wear jeans and my school shirt. 

I would to hear how others deal with their mornings.  I has been so nice to not have to look at a clock last week! However, the countdown is on for Summer Break!

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