Friday, April 25, 2014

Under the sink organization

I am completely done with Zone 1 cleaning! It was really easy and now the room is good to go for 7 more weeks.  Of course I still do normal cleaning- dust, pick up, vacuum, mop, etc. However, all of the deep cleaning is done!

Next week will be Zone 2 Kitchen.  This be a little more involved, but not too bad. Today I wanted to share a little organizing that I did under our Kitchen sink.  I purchased a little shelf to help with this space.  It is the Target brand is was just a few bucks.


This is the before.  We keep my Kitchen Aid Mixer, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, and extra soaps.  I took out the fryer that is in the middle.  We never used it and it was old.  Toss!




This is the after! I moved my extra soaps to an empty container and the trash bags are under the shelf.  You can actually roll them out without taking them out of the cabinet.  I cleaned the shelf also.


I bought this towel holder, that hangs on a door, from TJ Maxx.  It was around $6.  I hate seeing a towel laying around the Kitchen.  This keeps it nice and tucked away.

We have been really enjoying just hanging around the house on our Spring Break.  I am going to be so sad  when Monday rolls around.  We have spent each evening playing outside and the weather is perfect!


Today I cleaned the Kitchen for my daily cleaning.  I spent a little extra time and cleaned out the fridge.  This is the before and I forgot to take an after.  It looks very empty now!


Look who wanted to sit on the potty!  She is interested, but she is not actually using the bathroom.  I plan on starting this summer.


Well I am off to enjoy this Friday! Have a great weekend!

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