Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well it has been awhile since I have updated.We are pretty much sleeping, eating, working, and then repeat.  I am sooooo ready for Spring break and of course summer! We look so forward to the weekends and then they are usually slammed full of stuff to get done.  I need a break!

Andrew has started soccer/T-ball twice a week.  They are playing soccer now (4 weeks) and then will spin the follow 4 weeks playing T-ball.  It is very laid back and they are basically just learning how to play the games.  He is loving it!  His first official soccer game will be Tuesday.




Last Sunday we went to Nick’s parents church to have lunch and attend their Easter egg hunt.  There were not many little kids there, so they got a ton of eggs! All my pictures were taken on Nick’s phone.  I will try to upload those soon.

We had a little mini photo shoot before church.  The dress is from Zulily.


We currently in the process of adding a deck to the back of our house.  We have a tiny one right now and we are adding a huge one.  I am so excited!!!

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