Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of the School Year

YAY!!! The last day of school was Friday! I have enjoyed my sweet kindergarteners this year!  I have looked forward to this summer more than any other.  I am so ready to enjoy my own children, get my house organized from head to toe, create some TPT products, start working out more, and RELAXING!!! 

We have had a jam packed week as usual.  Andrew had a sweet awards day for his Pre-K class. He received an award for knowing the entire alphabet and sounds, an award for outstanding behavior (most proud of this one), and a certificate of completion.  So proud of this well behaved and smart boy. 



I started feeling congested and just plain awful Monday evening.  I managed to work Tuesday, came home, and crashed.  There is nothing like feeling HORRIBLE and having two little ones to watch.  Nick got home late the day, so it was not fun for anyone. Andrew missed his T-ball game and Thursday was rained out. 



I felt slightly better on Wednesday and great by Thursday.  Thursday was WATER day at school and my class Luau and award day. 


Friday was Andrew’s last day of Pre-K and the end of my 9th year of teaching.  Time really does FLY by!



Abigail has had a milestone also!  She has moved from her baby swing to a regular swing! She LOVES to swing, so this is huge for her!



Nick is working on the deck again today.  I plan to do an update with pictures tomorrow!  We are getting close!

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