Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow we haa a busy, but productive long weekend.  This weekend is usually a casual, cookout, relaxing kind of weekend, but not this year. 

Nick spent all of Saturday working on the deck.  He pulled up the tiny deck we originally had, so the boards would all go in the same direction, pulled up old steps, and laid this much decking.  I cleaned, did laundry, and ran after 2 children. 


We then went to a local Mexican restaurant for some much need relaxing.  Is it really ever relaxing eat out with a 2 year old and 5 year old? LOL!  We then made a stop at Home Depot for some flower shopping.  The pots in the front of the house needed some refreshing.

We had a little help.


I plan on making a new wreath sometime.


We cooked spaghetti for dinner.  This has to be Abigail’s FAVORITE meal!


After summer, Nick and Andrew planted some new shrubs.  We had to replace some that died from the extreme cold we had this winter.


Sunday, I went grocery shopping.  Nick and I worked some more on the deck during Abigail’s nap.  We laid about 12 more boards in 3 hours.  This is a slow process to say the least!


Today we had fun and got a little more work done.  We released some butterflies, rode bikes, and did some swinging,


Nick also managed to cut the grass, trim, cut down limbs, trim some bushes, and grill food for the week.  He is awesome!


I sported this look all weekend.


I even talked him into starting a Pinterest project for me.  We didn’t get far on it, but I am excited!


I got this ready for Andrew’s LAST day of Pre-K which is on Friday!!  I am so ready for summer!!!


Maybe then I can enjoy the view from my deck.


Right now we are looking like this!


4 more days till summer break! I think I can, I think I can!

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Jamie said...

You know this, but you will love that deck! Stephen built ours when I was pregnant with Tristan, and it has been such a wonderful spot for us!
It looks so good; coming along!