Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother’s day 2014


Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday, Andrew’s Pre- K class had a Mother’s Day Tea.  I was able to sneak away from my own class and enjoy being a mom for awhile.  It was precious! They sang “You are my sunshine!” and gave us gifts. I also got a precious footprint canvas from Abigail. 


Andrew also had his first T-ball practice on Thursday. He loved it!


We laid pretty low this weekend, but somehow it was still very busy.  Saturday we went to Nick’s parents and ate a yummy supper.  The kids went out and played in the puddles.  We also blew bubbles and Andrew rode his bike.  His was afraid of it, but now he is a pro!


Today we went to church and came home to cleaning, laundry, and more cleaning.  Being a mother doesn’t stop for Mother’s Day! We did manage to squeeze in some outside fun in the sun!

She is a mess!


And so is he!


Nick also made the day special with a great breakfast and a new IPhone 5s! I am was so surprised!  I obviously did not get around to talking about Zone 3- Bathroom.  Last week and this upcoming week are SUPER busy and just crazy.  I am going to concentrate on my family and things we have going on right now.  I will begin that area 2 weeks from now! I still plan on posting!  Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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