Saturday, May 24, 2014

What’s been happening

Is May over yet?!  I know I should not wish time away, but end of the school year is approaching!  There are so many things planned at school right now.  This week I had my end of the year program for my students.  It was so cute and adorable!  We stressed so much, but the parents loved it!  Thursday, I took a personal day and joined Andrew for his very last field trip in Pre-K.  It was so much fun!  Andrew, Nick, and I have been battling with allergies lately.  Andrew’s eyes get red and swollen when he is outside too long.  The bus ride did him in!  He rubbed the entire time we were at the zoo.  We ended up leaving right before lunch.  We made a quick stop, ate, and headed home. 


Andrew had T-ball practice Monday, his first game Tuesday (which I missed )Sad smile), and pictures on Thursday.  He is loving it, but mommy is tired!


Wednesday was the only day that we had nothing after school.  We enjoyed playing outside and looking at caterpillars!


Now on to a 3 day weekend!!! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

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