Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CVS Haul



I have really gotten into couponing the last few months and it can really be so much fun!  I love the math that is involved and of course getting things cheap or even FREE!  I use Southern Savers and Krazy Coupon Lady websites mainly.  They lay it all out for you and tell you the best deals at different stores.  So far, I have only done this at CVS (GREAT Deals) and Ingles. 

On Sundays, I get a paper (with coupons) and plan out the deals.  This is time consuming, but I am getting quicker at it.  The key is to match store deals, manufacture coupons, and store coupons.  CVS does all 3, which means things can be free or really cheap.

I first make a list that shows how much it should be in the store, what coupons to use,and any extra deals like B1G1 free, B1G1 50% off.


I lay out my coupons and any Extra Care Bucks.  I bind everything together and just go when I can.  The early in the week the better.



This is the best deal I have done so far.  The beginning total was $55 and went all the way done to $22.  Then I had $8 in Extra Care Bucks, so that brought it down to $14 for everything you see above!!  The eye shadow was only 40 cents and the toothpaste were FREE!  This was from last week, I am going again today.  I will provide more details on how I actual did everything. 

Yesterday was so hot!! We attempted to play outside and only lasted an hour. 


All of our lilies are blooming and the deck has made no more progress! LOL! 


Have a great Tuesday!

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Amanda said...

I was a avid coupon clipper for a little while (pre-baby), but it's just SO, SO time consuming!! I felt like I would spend hours on Sunday morning going through the paper, clipping coupons, making out my grocery list. Eventually I just gave up. And that doesn't even take into account how much time it took me once I actually got to the store, having to read the fine print, making sure I was picking up the right product, hunting down customer service when they were out of stock on a particular item. Sigh. I loved it while it lasted, but I just don't have that kind of time anymore. I'm so impressed with your CVS deals, though--I never had much luck with those coupons!