Friday, June 13, 2014

CVS Haul


I am here with another great CVS haul! I posted one earlier this week, but that was from last week.  All the deals I found are still going on!

What I bought:

4 Arm and Hammer Oxi Clean Detergent

3 Boxes of Kleenex Tissue- 2 boxes for Andrew’s kindergarten supply list

I Shampoo and ! Conditioner- Herbal Essences

2 Packs of Jolly Ranchers- use for beginning of the year treat bags for my students

Always Liners

Tenas Pads

Irish Spring Body Wash- for the hubby

Speed Stick Gear Deodarant- for the hubby



Below is my list.  I didn’t end up purchasing the Olay lotion, Cleanser, or Body Wash.  Also my CVS does not carry Herbal Essences Body Wash, so I did not buy that either.  I did buy everything else on the list plus 3 boxes of Kleenex tissue.



I started off at $47 and went down to $28.22 after taxes.  I then got back $4.50.  So the total was $23.72. 

I didn’t do too bad!  Happy Friday!

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