Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I thought this summer would be perfect for getting Andrew a head start on Kindergarten.  I taught Kindergarten last year, so I am putting my skills to use with my own child.  We are spending about an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more) a day working on a variety of skills.

I recently bought the green stacking baskets, Cut and Paste cookie Monster workbook, Robot Time game- time, and Place Value Picnic- place value.  I already have a ton of flashcards and manipulatives for Andrew. I am using the green stacking baskets to hold everything. 

  IMG_2956 - Copy

This week we have played a number memory game.  I just used old number cards that come with several of the same card.  He loved this game.  Andrew needed some more practice with cutting and gluing, so the book from The Dollar Tree has helped a lot.


Below are the sight words from last week.  We flash them several times a day and write them.  We also talked some about what different stores sell (Florist- flowers).  This came from a workbook we have had for awhile. 


Have a great Wednesday!

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