Wednesday, June 18, 2014

T-Ball and VBS

Hello everyone! We have been super busy this summer.  We ended Andrew’s T-ball with a little banquet.  He is in love with his very first trophy!  We enjoyed, but super glad to have no where to go on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  LOL!


We also had VBS last weekend.  It was so much fun!  The theme was weird animals! Abigail is too young to really participate, but she did join the nursery on the first night.



This was the group I helped with this year!  So sweet and FULL of energy!


We had a great time and felt like doing this toward the end. HA!


We have been very low key this week.  I have gotten laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning done for the week.  I think Andrew and I may sneak off to see a movie tomorrow!

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Kris said...

Hi Robyn! I just found here in blogland! I enjoy your Insta Grams too!!
XO Kris