Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello everyone!! I hope ya’ll had a great weekend.  We were kind of lazy this weekend.  Don’t you love those kind of weekend!?

Friday we went out to eat (J Peters for you locals) and both children were so well behaved.  I love when that happens! Below are the only pictures I took.  Abigail does not look happy, but she was!  She ate half of Nick’s Caesar salad, half a grilled cheese, 1 chicken strip, and some of a brownie sundae.  We came home and played outside for awhile.



Saturday we went to Lowes and Home Depot looking for a patio set, but we had no luck.  Everything felt really flimsy and cheap.  I really want something that will last many years.  We did buy a hammock to replace one we had several years ago.  We ate at Chic-fi-la and then headed to Sam’s.  We came home, rested, and played outside the rest of the evening.


Sunday we went to church, went grocery shopping, were lazy, played, and then went to my parents for supper. Good Times! Below is Abigail and Claire walking into church.  They are 17 months apart and the same size.  I hope they will continue to be such good friends!

Photo: Claire and Abigail heading into church this morning. Hard to believe they are about 17 months apart in age!

I have been really enjoying working out now that I have time.  I started last week and it really does improve the way I feel.  I have been walking for 20 mins. on the treadmill and then a 15/20 minute workout from the Tone it Up Girls.  You must check them out! Free on this link!

I am also trying to eat like this during the week for lunch and a light supper.  We will see how it goes!  I am also tracking everything I eat on My Fitness Pal app.


I am looking forward to this week! My girls and I have a played date for Wednesday and Pedicure/Lunch for Thursday! 


Have a great Monday!  I will be blogging everyday this week I hope!

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