Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Life update

WOW! SO I have not updated since July 9th! What?!  Honestly I think I needed it.  Things are so crazy at the beginning of each school year.  Instead of trying to go back  several months and catch up, I am just going to start fresh!

I do want to post some pictures of recent Christmas adventures we have had so far.

We saw Santa twice this year.  Once at Lights of Hope… 20141206-2013Loh_9999_2-7620141206-2013Loh_9999_2-77

And once at our church’s annual breakfast with Santa.


I am so glad Abigail sat on his lap.  Andrew, as usual, loves Santa!!

We also had an awesome Christmas with our closest friends!

Andrew paintingAbigail Painting

IMG_0264IMG_0268Paint Time

I have so much to update on, but this is it for now.  There will be one more post sometime about today, Christmas Eve!

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