Sunday, January 4, 2015

All good things must come to an end

Well the day has come.  My 2 week Christmas vacation is over!! It will be back to work and school for me and Andrew.  We have enjoyed our break so much! I am going to miss all the quality time we have spent.  I have a professional learning day tomorrow, so Andrew will stay with my mother-in-law for a day and then return to school on Tuesday.

Yesterday we decided to get out in the rain (total cabin fever!) and see a movie.  Abigail has only went to one movie and it been around 6 months ago.  I thought she might be a little more able to sit now. We saw Big Hero 6 (really cute movie!) and she did really well!  She stayed in her seat, with the help of popcorn, for almost the entire movie!! I think more family movies will be in our future!


We braved the rain again (is it ever going to STOP!) and went to church.  We have missed the last two due to one of us being sick, so it was nice to be back.  I took a few pictures of Abigail before we left.  She loves “writing!”

Abigail Abigail2Abigail3

Of course I had to snap some since they were are all dressed up!

Abigail4Andrew and Abigail

I am going to soak up this last day! I am also SUPER excited about Downton Abbey coming back on tonight!! Who will be watching tonight?

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