Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy birthday Andrew

Andrew cute
WOW!  My BABY some how is 6 today!! What!?? That seems so crazy! IMG_0606
Andrew is so special to me.  My first born and he holds a huge place in my heart.  He is so smart!  He amazes me how quickly he remembers things.  He is quickly becoming quite the little reader.  He has mastered all 120 Kindergarten sight words like it was no big deal.  He has a BIG interest in math.  He is constantly asking me math questions and how figured out adding and subtracting without any formal teaching.
If I could describe him in one word, it would be considerate.  He is the best big brother! He is always thinking of others and how they feel and if they need anything.  He thinks about the needs of Abigail before himself. 
If I had to guess of a future occupation, I would say something in law enforcement.  He is always trying to follow the rules (for the most part) and wants to make sure others are also.  Teachers may call him a tattle tale…I am sure! LOL!
He is my sweetie!! Happy birthday big boy!



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