Sunday, November 29, 2015

Random Sunday


Saturday I finally got around to changing our chalkboard from Happy Birthday Andrew (February) to Merry Christmas! lol!


Andrew got new shoes just in time for his FIRST basketball game on Thursday!


Abigail continued to amaze us with her dress up skills!


Sunday morning we were awakened to a beautiful sunrise.  The advantages of having early rising children are endless! Winking smile


We had a great service at church, ate lunch with friends, and came back home to work on some projects.  We painted an old dining room table.  I have BIG plans for the playroom!!  We also managed to get a little done on the playground.  Abigail slept in the Living Room floor the entire time! I actually had to make her get up around 4:30pm.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Everyday is a New Adventure

I got to spend the  morning with Miss Abbey.  Nick, his brother Eric, and Andrew met some friends for breakfast, so we got some girl time.
First on the agenda was playing in the leaves and swinging.
She is getting much better to take to the store, so we went to the grocery store. We may have ended up with sour gummy worms, gum, and marshmallows, but oh well!  She was a very good girl the whole trip!

Then she came home and was reunited with this sweet boy!! They definitely have moments of arguing and bickering, but they also have precious moments!  Of course Abbey doesn’t think she needs a shirt.
She is showing me her collection of acorns from the yard and apparently decided a shirt was needed!

Nick and his brother worked on the kids new playground!  They didn’t get to do much because the post had to get set in the cement. 


Their current play set has seen better days.  A storm almost tore it to pieces.  We decided to just make our own and make it super sturdy!!

Well off to enjoy this relaxing evening!

Jayden is back!


Jaden is back with his usual goodies of pajamas! 




Earlier that day we all decorated the big tree!  Even Queen Elsa came to help!!



We LOVE this tree!!  The kids love their new PJ’s that Jayden brought!!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We spent the day at home, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, playing, decorating for Christmas, and then ended the day at my parent’s for a big dinner.

I found this gem of a picture! Andrew is loving using the self timer remote to take pictures!


They spent the evening running around and playing outside.  So much fun!


I am horrible about remembering to take pictures!  I guess living in the moment is much more special anyway!

Saying Goodbye to Fall


I had a quiet moment when Andrew was upstairs playing and Abigail fell asleep on the couch, so I quickly put all the fall décor away. 



Throughout the rest of the day, I slowly pulled down some Christmas décor!!  I just love the way it makes the house feel!

This is our Kitchen tree and it is my favorite!!


This nativity set is also a favorite.  My mother-in-law gave me the pieces over a few Christmas’s and birthdays.


One nook all done!


Disney on Ice


Wednesday was such a fun day!! It was our first day of Thanksgiving break and the kids thought it would just be a laid back day at home.  I surprised them with a trip to see Disney in Ice!!  We met some friends for dinner and then headed for the show!

We had a mini photo shoot with our Mickey outfits before leaving to pick up Daddy from work.




Before the show!  IMG_5645

It was magical!!