Sunday, December 6, 2015

Playroom Update

I have been working on giving our playroom a much needed facelift.  He has slowly progressed over the last year. 

This weekend we finished painting an old dining room table.  It was quite the job and took many coats of paint.  it is now done and we love it!  We put it in the center and it will be used for arts, crafts, games, etc. 


We have a fourth chair that can be pulled over, but it is currently at our computer.


I took out the coffee table that was in front of the couch. It was not needed and taking up a lot of floor space.  We added this super soft rug and now the kids LOVE it!  It is a great place to watch movies!


I made this garland out of scrap pieced of fabric that I have had for years.  I love how much color it adds to the space.


I am also planning on getting a new large bookcase to hold toys and maybe a rug for under the table.  For now, we are loving it!

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