Friday, December 4, 2015

What we have been up to…

We have had a very busy week! 

Andrew had his very first basketball game!  He was so excited!!


IMG_5661       IMG_5664IMG_5665

He did good for his first game!  He got to dribble the ball all the way across the court!  So stinking cute!  Santa might just be bringing him a basketball goal for Christmas!

We have also been going through an advent calendar that was given to the kids from church.`It sometimes has a small gift, something to make, or something to do for others. 

One day they were told to make a letter to their teacher.  They LOVED making these and they were so cute!


Today they had a pipe cleaner and cereal to make a bird feeder.  This was perfect for Abigail!IMG_2001

Abigail hanging it on the tree.


Spreading out the leftover cereal for the birds.IMG_2003


Nick has brought down a HUGE piece of pipe that will be their slide for the new playground.  Andrew and Abigail enjoyed playing with it on the ground!


Now we are ready to enjoy our weekend!

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